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archive juli, 2010

  • Looks good

    Peter Traag (Mummy chair, Sponge chair for Edra) worked on the Zipp. It is a light from a single flat sheet of a pvc/cotton laminate, from which an unfold has been cut. On both sides of the unfold part of a zipper is stitched. By zipping these parts up, the light constructs its own distinctive shape. Available soon in diameters 90 cm, 70 cm and 50 cm.

  • Lanvin

    I had never noticed this fashion brand before. But it’s really great! New shoes nicely packed. A present to myself. Madame Lanvin started the company in 1909, building a fashion brand that has a reputation for its feminine style. Her attention to detail was incredible. Maybe that’s why I like these shoes so much. Read more in the book ’Lanvin’ by Dean Merceron or visit